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The Open API for Smart Manufacturing

Developed by leading IoT Vendors & Universities

One Mission: Building a leading IIoT-Ecosystem for Smart Manufacturing

FORCE Bridge API aims to bridge the gap between the peculiarities of heterogeneous machine controls and the IT standards of modern application development. In order to address this concern, the Bridge Community was established in 2016 as a community of manufacturing companies and solution providers for the further development and promotion of an open industry standard for smart manufacturing. To achieve this goal, manufacturing companies from all industries, technology companies, start-ups and universities collaborate in the Bridge Community. 

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Develop applications for the Industrial Internet of Things

With full access to production data, you can develop entirely new business models. From the Smart Factory app for the smartphone to applications for VR data glasses, you define the limits.

Simple data retrieval via open web services

The FORCE Bridge API gives you access to over 300 standardized production data sources for creating digital applications. Simple and user-friendly access via open web interfaces.

Tailor made data enrichment and processing

The FORCE Bridge API enables you to gather and proceed standardized and enriched production data in an easy and structured way.

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Discover our API samples on GitHub

You want to develop an app or use the API for your IIoT project? We offer a simple way to get there: On Github we give you examples on how you can use our open interface (FORCE Bridge API). Simply start on GitHub now.

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Introducing the Virtual Factory for educational purposes

The Virtual Factory is based on the FORCE Bridge API and helps universities to teach manufacturing and the
industrial internet of things in a new way